Kings Grant History

300 years ago, Kings James II of England granted nearly 2,500 acres of prime New World woodland to a friend of the crown.

As the New World grew, and the wilderness gave way to settlements, and the settlements to cities, and the cities to megalopolises, a great thing happened to that tract -


It was passed down from generation to generation.  Uninhabited.  Untouched.  Unspoiled.

This tract became Kings Grant, a Planned Urban Development in Marlton, Evesham Township, New Jersey.  

The Community of Kings Grant began to be developed in 1974 in an environmentally sensitive way. Today, the Community of Kings Grant consists of 2,507 homes and is a mix of single-family detached homes, townhouses, and condominiums, most on wooded and lakefront lots. Since the community is located in a State of New Jersey Wetlands protected area in what’s commonly known as the “Pinelands”, the community strives to protect and preserve the natural beauty and environmental resources within Kings Grant.  Nearly one third of all acreage in Kings Grant is Open Space, undeveloped, under the guardianship of the Kings Grant Open Space Association in perpetuity.